Off Season #3b – PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs For Body Building)

PED’s – Performance Enhancing Drugs For Body Building

Steroids – These drugs have become incredibly more popular over the past 5-10 years with many recreational gym goers experimenting not just the competitive elite.

For that very important reason I have decided to write this post as I believe knowledge is extremely important before embarking on using something you don’t understand and therefore could be misusing or abusing.

Performance Enhancing Drugs For Body Building

Performance Enhancing Drugs For Bodybuilding

This is probably one of the most controversial & confusing subjects in body building, every body is an expert but few have structure and balance either through their course or PCT if they do one.

Doses & length of cycles vary massively dependant on the users knowledge, experience, tolerance, bank balance, goals, weight/size, not to mention sex because more and more women are using PED’s.

Doses are personal and I don’t intend to give blanket advice to all but I will show a simple structure to a to a full course and the reasons behind this.

I tend to run a course for 8-10 weeks although 6-12 is ok then 4 weeks PCT & 0-4 clean.

I honestly believe longer courses are very ineffective and as your receptors get de-sensitised not to mention a build up of oestrogen and other hormonal side effects. Think about this, when you go on you feel great for the first few weeks. You feel stronger, bigger, fuller and feel generally great. After a while you start to even out until you start to feel tired, lathargic & lose your appetite. Right?!

Now is the time to reset your natural hormones and recover your receptors, train and eat around 90% of your maximum during this stage of PCT to also help recover any injuries and rest your central nervous system. The key to this stage is maintenance and recovery. This is how I would run a simple course of 8 weeks on cycle followed by 4 weeks of PCT. This course would have the following structure:

Week 1-5 (SLOW ESTERS)

Test base any multi blend or slow ester combined with Nandrolane deconate or boldedone / Equiporise. I’d also use Arimidex every day or EOD depending on oestrogen sensitivity. You could also add oral to this cycle but I prefer to use them only during the next phase as they are more stressful to the liver.

Week 6-8 (FAST ESTERS)

Test Prop base with either Tren Ace of Masteron combined with an oral androgen such as dbol or Naps (oxymetholone).  All these are in & at the system fast with orals having a half life of around 8 hours and test prop between 48 and 72 hours. This will allow for you to start PCT around 3-4 days following your last day on cycle.

Week 9-12 (PCT)

HCG split over minimum of 2 weeks upto 4 weeks dose dependant on age length of cycle and how many cycles you have done,  Min 10,000 – 20,000 IU split evenly every 3-4 days over the 2-4 week period. I also recommend an anti-oestrogen. Clomid is the preferred option. I would take this for a 4 week period. The dosage again, would be dependant on the individual but can start on 150-2oo mg per day which would be staggered down to 50mg per day over the 4 weeks.

Tamoxifen is also an option run at 20-40 mg per day. Personally I would use the two in combination, in order to prevent any oestrogen rebound along with the HCG which is responsible for switching on your own natural testosterone production.

For recreational users, i.e. those not competing at a serious level, I would recommend a further 4 weeks off using nothing at all. This will ensure that your spending as much time off cycle as you are on cycle. For those that are competing, I do find that the 8 weeks on 4 weeks PCT a very productive method that ensures progress with very little loss of results during the 4 weeks of PCT. having said that it does allow the body’s hormones to reset somewhat and I find that it gives enough time for the receptors to have recovered enough for progress to continue.

Cruise Dosing

Another method thats often used to cycle is a method called cruise dosing this involves a period of higher dosing followed by a period of maintenance dosing. This is not a method that I personally find productive but I know its a method often used by older athletes whose hormone recovery is not as good as younger athletes.

From speaking to others, these higher doses will be anything from 6-10 weeks where doses will be very similar to those that are being used by athletes as per the above protocol, followed by a generally longer cruise dosing that can be anything from 10 weeks up to 6 months. The cruise doses are fairly standardised or at least should be as what we are trying to replicate is a normal average healthy male weekly testosterone so, a shot 200mg testosterone every 7-10 days would match that.

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Performance Enhancing Drugs For Body Building





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