Consistency over the holiday period

At this time of year very few people are training 100% or eating clean and that’s understandable, there are parties to go to shopping to do etc. This period is a key period though because so many people totally drop out of all exercise and after a few bad meals and think ‘sack it in, January I’m on it’. This where so many people go wrong and end up in a yo-yo state.

Consistency is the key to long-term progress results and health.

Eat some junk of course, but eat what you want when you want it not at every turn just because it’s there or you’re being bullied into it. Try to eat good healthy meals in between going out for meals or the odd treat, this will help you control your sugar cravings and ensure at least some goodness is going in.

A lot of us also give up completely on training thinking a rest will make you feel better but it often doesn’t. The lack of positive endorphins will lower your mood and increase your ‘want to sit in your PJ’s and eat crap’. Get up, get going over 12 days of Christmas, aim to train 4 times that’s 4 hours in 12 days but it will make a big difference to your mood, your eating and how you approach January.

If you do as you have in previous years and thought, f**k it off, you will no doubt make the classic rebound panic mistake. Come January it’s nothing but chicken, fish, salad and veg and trying to make up for your lack of activity over the past fortnight or more. This can’t be done, you’re starving, over trained tired and giving up before week 2 of 2016 because you can’t maintain such extremes.


If you manage to exercise over this period and eat within in reason you’ll start January ahead and with a few slight alterations be heading to a positive, healthy and productive new year.

Consistency is everything – you can’t binge or starve. Over exercise and spend 6 months out. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you didn’t get fat in a day.

You also can’t become healthy or fit or slim in a day, week or month it takes time and consistency so start now because tomorrow never comes.

Peak will be open everyday except Xmas and New Years, I will be in most days training and doing a couple of PT’s, if your thinking about joining a gym or PT’ing, stop thinking start doing and beat the inevitable January rush.

Merry Xmas Kelvin and Peak Physique x

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