Kelvin Hinde

About me

Hi my Name is Kelvin Hinde i’ve worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and have been personal training since 2006. During that time I’ve built up a vast experience with a wide variety of clients, male and female, 12-70 years old and both athletes and general public.

I myself am an international level competitive bodybuilder in 2016 I became Overall  NAC Mr UK and IBFA Overall Mr Britain and Mr Europe, I have competed for over 10 years in more than 40 competitions including 3 Mr Universes 4 Mr Worlds 1 Mr Europe and 8 Mr Britains with 15 Wins and 12 Runner ups.

Since 2011 I’ve taken on the mantel as coach for other competitors following my own personal success. Ive helped more than 20 athletes in their preparation  for competition, with many of them winning their particular class (further details and pictures see bodybuilding success).

I’ve had several jobs in the fitness industry that a have given me experience working with 12-16 year olds after school and I’ve gained my GP referral qualification that enables me to work with adults with medical issues, I myself am type diabetic so understand from personal experience the importance of exercise and how it can reduce symptoms or the need for certain medications.

Kelvin Hinde


2006 UKBFF East of England First timers 2nd
2006 Independent North Staffordshire Beginners 1st
2006 NABBA Mr England Beginners 5th
2008 NABBA MR North West Novice 2nd
2008 UKBFF MR North West Intermediate 1st
2008 NAC MR UK Class 1 3rd
2010 NABBA MR South Class 1 1st and overall
2010 UKBFF MR South Coast Heavyweight 1st
2010 Independent Mr Pendle Valley Open 2nd
2012 UKBFF MR North West Heavyweight 1st
2012 NABBA MR North West Class 1 2nd
2012 WABBA MR UK X-tall class 1st and overall
2012 WABBA MR World x-tall 2nd
2013 NABBA MR North West Class 1 1st
2013 NAC MR UK Class 1 1st and overall
2013 NABBA MR Britain Class 1 6th
2013 WABBA MR World X-tall 3rd
2014 UKBFF Midlands Heavyweight 1st
2014 NABBA MR England Class 1 2nd
2014 WABBA MR Universe X-tall 2nd
2016 NAC MR UK 1st and overall
2016 NABBA Northwest 1st and overall
2016 IBFA Mr Britain 1st and overall
2016 PCA Mr Britain 2nd and tall
2016 IBFA Mr Europe 1st and overall