Katie Tilsley

Katie Tilsley is a girl I’ve know for years who has always struggled with her weight and body confidence. She is an avid trainer but has problems with food . Periods of bingeing throwing up and FAD diets have created a bad relationship with food . The photo shows a 10 transformation just apply some structure to her diet.

Manjeet Singh

Manjeet Singh came to me in October 2017 he was unhappy with how he looked and how he felt. We worked together online mostly (via text or email) with a monthly 1:1 session. He’d had coaches before but didn’t get the support and knowledge he needed. By September 2018 he had the confidence to book a photo shoot and now he wants to compete in a physique competition

Neal Cranwell

“I first got to know Kelvin when I shared a room with him during the 2012 WABBA World championships in Venice (see picture 1).

We became good friends there after and regularly shared information. During my prep in 2014 I was doing what a lot of bodybuilders do, questioning every aspect of my training and diet and with no one other than myself to be accountable to I wasn’t pushing forward. I needed someone I trusted someone I knew and knew meand someone that would push me when I needed a kick up the arse. I rang Kelvin and asked him if he would take control and that I would be accountable to him 100%. I emailed kelvin my current plan and work schedule along with certain food intolerances etc.

He came up with a 7 day plan based 100% on my work/family commitments and tailored to my exact needs. Kelvin really did go the extra mile we spoke on a daily basis, he came to train with me for a weekend mid way through the prep, where we finalised the plan for which class and what shows we were doing.

I was able to get in the best shape of my life and comfortably get under 100kg weeks before the UKBFF final something I’d always struggled to do. Remarkably though I was eating into the show getting fuller and harder by the day. The following week I took 3rd in a pro invitational in Tenerife followed by winning the IBFA World championships in Rome. Thanks pal see you on stage in 2016 #dreamteam”

Jake Shannon

2015 Mr Central Britain / First Timers / Runner-up
2015 Mr England / Novice Class / Winner

“If knowledge is power then kelvin is the most powerful person i know within the fitness industry. In 5 months kelvin help take me from a middle of the pack competitor to placing second with an intelligently structured diet and some changes to my training, he helped target weaknesses and taught me how to bring them on so I’d have a well rounded physique. On top of all that he always made time to talk, meet, train or even just invite me round to his house when I was doubting my progress. I’d definitely recommend him as a coach to everybody I know!!”

Heather Maher

2013 1st Miss Liverpool
2013 3rd Miss North West
2014 1st Miss Staffordshire

“This guy has all the knowledge you need to completely transform your body but more than that there is nothing he won’t do for his clients. If you show him commitment you’ll get commitment in return. To top it off he’s a world class bodybuilder which is very inspiring.”

Haydn Adellburugh

2015 English Lakes Classic Runner up first timers, Mr Hercules 3rd Junior u24. IBFA Mr Britain finalist

“I first approached kelvin through Facebook, a couple of friends told me the guy knows his stuff, I was just so eager to compete for my first time. I dropped kelvin a quick message and from there that’s when we arranged to meet.

He explained everything from start to finish and what he would want from me as a client and what I would have to be prepared to do for my journey. He made me feel at ease and so convinced I couldn’t wait to get started.

My journey with kelvin I can honestly say I will never look back, for what he charges is second to none, he detailed my diet plan weekly to my condition, the times when I felt like quitting or giving up kelvin would always be there for support, am a guy to ask a lot of questions, and kelvin has a lot of answers. In my pt’s I learnt multiple new exercises, taught me the firing and contracting of the muscle along with correcting my form.

One of the biggest problems for me was I under ate, I was told I needed to feed the machine not starve it!!

Kelvin got me in the best condition of my life I entered a couple of shows I placed 3-2nds 2-3rds 2-4th and invite to British finals.

Right through my diet I had 24-7 support, he professionally corrected my posing weekly and helped with my routine, he would also assess my physique week to week and tell me the areas I needed to work on the most. Leading to the day of the shows this guy seriously doesn’t stop, even helping pump up back stage helping apply my stage tan, calming down my stage nerves he really does have it all.

After my journey with kelvin i see him much more than a coach but a great friend who believed I could achieve something I thought wasn’t possible.

I can’t recommend the guy enough, if you’re looking to compete or get in the best possible condition of your life, my question is what are you waiting for??

My journey will carry on with kelvin because his experience and tips and tricks are like no other.”

Sarah Cobley

2013 Open Miss Wales toned figure 3rd
Miss Cheshire toned figure 3rd 2014
NABBA North West Miss Athletic 4th place
UKBFF Midlands Body fitness 1st and Miss Britain top 10

“Kelvin has been a great help during my bodybuilding journey. During my 2014 prep for UKBFF Bodyfitness whilst I prepped myself due to my complicated IBS he was aways on hand when I needed him to look at me, help make adjustments to my prep and help with peak week. With Kelvins help I won my qualifier and competed in the British finals. He is very knowledgeable and will always give up his time to help!”