Stubborn calves?

I’d kind of given up on mine 17.25” never moved for years so I did a few sets at the end of leg day reasonably hard n heavy but with no real conviction. In fact I noticed they were down at 17” 6 months ago! So I decided stubborn calves deserve a stubborn approach so I now do them religiously twice a week and 50% of the time at the start of my session so I can really put my full effort in, below are 3 approaches I’ve cycled between and in the last 4 months they have hit 18” not pro level by any means lol but that’s the point I don’t have good calves and if after 10 years of training I can put an inch on you can too!

Session 1 5×5(x5)

I’ve done this on a seated calve but it can be done on a standing calve if it goes heavy enough. Do 4-5 progressive warm up sets 6-10 reps per set till you get to your max weight for 5 clean reps. Then using 30s rest repeat this for 5 sets, by set 3 you may need assistance or lose form to complete all 5 but keep it as strict as possible with full stretch and squeeze.

On the final set perform 4 drop sets taking of the minimum weight possible whist still completing 5 reps so the final set will be 5 sets of 5 dropping the weight each time with no rest till you hit 25 reps (5×5)

Session 2 DC style stretching

Do a couple of warm up sets with a slow pace at about 15 reps full range.

Then 3 working sets pic a weight you could do roughly about 20 reps with a rep speed of 1s up 1s down. Take that weight perform the positive phase fast 1s up hold and squeeze for 1s then perform the negative in 5s then hold the deepest stretch you can for 15s!! And repeat, each rep is 22s so 3 sets is 1 minute 6s if you get to 10 (doubtful it’s almost 4 minutes solid) rest 2 mins and repeat, up the weight if you get more than 6 on your final set. Time yourself no rushing!!! Best done on standing calve.

Session 3 pump and stretch

Perform 10 sets of 10 done on standing or seated calve.

Choose a weight you can do about 15 reps on, do 10 reps controlled about 30s in total, after this stretch off a step using body weight to stretch the calve (great with a training partner one on one off) 30s stretch 30s (10reps) working so again it’s a full 10 minutes with no rest bite… 10 minutes you won’t forget!

Try these and let me know or book in for a session

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