Part 1 Contest Prep Diet (Intro and off-season)


The following 7 part blog is a description of my nutritional intake throughout my contest prep in 2016, this will include my supplement usage, a no-holds-barred truth, but this will only be on the #TeamPeak web site and my Kelvin Peak Facebook page so please like and share if you wish to see.

My final target is the IBFA Universe in Sapri on the first weekend in July, but WABBA worlds in mid-June were the target I would give myself, leaving me 14 weeks to that point, with the potential to be ready early and do some earlier shows in the UK.

Off Season

In my opinion this is where most go wrong, they don’t have a structured off season plan and simply eat as much as possible, two problems with this method are; you can often get too fat and without an accurate starting point its hard to know where to start your diet.

From roughly mid-January to my start point Friday 14th March, below was my daily food intake. I kept this consisten to hold weight as I felt any further increments in calories would cause me to only gain additional bodyfat and that I was consuming enough to grow into my weight which for 6 weeks straight was between 18st 1lb and 18st 2lb at 5pm.

Meal 1 (Protein: 60g | Carbs: 92g | Fats: 30g)

1 scoop NRG whey
300ml Egg Whites
120g Oats
40g of Peanut Butter

I was using a banana also but found this was hurting my digestion so instead I had 200g of berries.

Meal 2 (62g|88g|20g)

250g of fillets steak
450g baked potato or 400g sweet potato
Green veg
Thai chilli sauce

Meal 3 (62g|90g|10g)

250g Chicken Breast
115g Basmati rice
Green veg
Drop of nandos sauce

Meal 4 (62g|90g|10g)

Same as meal 3

Pre-workout drink (20g|60g|0g)

1 scoops NRG NO2 MAX
1 scoop NRG BCAA Glutamine CEE
50g Maltodextrin

Intra workout Drink (20g|70g|0g)

2 scoops BCAA and glutamine
70g Maltodextrin

Post workout Drink (50g|90g|2g)

2 Scoops NRG TTP Anabolic
30g of Maltodextrin CEE

Meal 5 (60g|80g|30g)

250g Salmon
100g of rice and
(sometimes would treat to pasta n sauce)

Off Season Daily Totals

Protein   396g
Carbs      660g
Fats         112g
Calories  5,232kcals

Part 2 will be Week 1 and 2 of my diet

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