Part 3 Contest Prep Diet (Weeks 3/4/5)

Diet week 3/4

For the following 10 days I was in Gran Canaria. Initially I wasn’t going to start my diet until I returned giving me 10 weeks to WABBA Worlds and 12 to IBFA Universe but I decided to get a head start knowing I’d lose weight on holiday with the lack of structure causing a natural calorie drop and finding it difficult to cram all my meals in, so I decided a pre-diet and then a target of maintenance during the holiday would be ideal – I’d have time with family without eating 6 times per day, but just eating 4 clean meals and some shakes which was easy as the half board was great food and we ate out once a day at a nice restaurant.

Without being 100% specific I aimed for 50g Protein per meal 60g of Carbs as I was far less active just 45mins walking and weights 5 days per week and NO WORK, YEAH! I also had 1 pizza during the holiday I arrived back in England 16st 13lbs mission accomplished.

Week 5

Back on home soil, some people would think I was crazy dieting on holiday but I don’t enjoy greasy food. Getting up to walk on the beach for cardio was great and training in a new gym where people were eager and keen, having never seen many competitive bodybuilders really got me in a good place. I did however make a mistake, I had brought the food down as my activity level was so low on holiday in between training but at home I have an active job with clients and I’d never really realised how much of a difference that actually makes.

Meal 1 (Protein: 50g | Carbs: 50g | Fats: 18g)

2 whole eggs
400ml egg whites
80g oats
100g berries

Meal 2 (50g|60g|16g)

200g steak
275g sweet potato
Green veg

Meal 3 and 4 (100g|120g|14g)

225g Chicken
80g rice
Green Veg

Pre-workout (20g|35g|0g)

1x no2
10g BCAA
25g Maltodextrin

Intra workout (20g|25g|0g)

20g BCAA and glutamine
25g Maltrodextrin

Meal 5 (50g|45g|5g)

200g Turkey
60g Rice
Green Veg

Meal 6 (45g|0g|15g)

125g Salmon
125g any white fish (prawns mussels cod)

Daily Totals

Protein    345g
Carbs      335g
Fats          68g
Calories  3,332Kcals

I weighed myself and took some pictures and was not happy, I’d dropped 9lbs in 7 days looked really flat and was worried at this rate despite a really good off season I was going to see no difference from previous showings. I was still only doing 30-40 mins cardio only 25mcg T3 and 2 thermo fuel in the morning (NRG fat burner 1/3 stated daily dose). It was easy but I was eating too little my metabolism wasn’t firing I didn’t look as lean as id hoped now being 16st 5lbs. This is where we all need that support so I got on the phone to my good friend Neale Cranwell and we looked at how to sort this.

We upped Cardio to 45mins morning and 30 in evening.

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