Part 4 Contest Prep Diet (Week 6 & 7)

Meal 1 (Protein: 50g | Carbs: 80g | Fats: 8g)

500g egg whites
115g oats
200g berries

Meal 2 (50g|68g|16g)

200g steak
400g baked potato
Green veg

Meal 3 and 4 (100g|160g|16g)

200g Chicken 100g rice

Pre workout (25g|40g|0g)

TNT Micro 2 scoops
40g Glycofuse (instead of maltodextrin)
15g EAA and
10g Glutamine and CEE and HMB

Intra workout (25g|40g|0g)

15g EAA
40g Glycofuse
10g Glutamine

Post workout meal 5 (50g|80g|3g)

220g Cod/haddock
100g rice

Meal 6 (50g|0g|30g)

250g Salmon
green veg

Daily Totals

Protein   350g
Carbs      468g
Fats         73g
Calories  3,929Kcals

After 3 days I dropped another 1.5lb, but after 7 full days I had stabilized at 16st 4.5lb (so 0.5lbs down), but now looked fuller, harder and leaner and was training better in the gym. I continued this half way into week 6 as I felt good and was looking better, but after another 5 days my weight had not changed and although I was starting to loom better I knew I had to step it up now I’d decided to try to be ready for May 8th and a possible invite to the NAC Worlds if I could win.

I decided not to panic and drop food as this had a negative effect last time so I upped my T3 to 25mcg morning and 25 mid afternoon I also introduced Clenbuterol at 60mcg first thing in the morning, 7 days on then it would be 7 off where I would up my dose of off the shelf fat burners allowing my receptors to recover. Cardio was also upped to 50mins fasted in the morning and 40 mins in between my last 2 meals.

I was now coming up to week 8 and was looking much leaner and fuller at 16st 1lb. I now had 4 weeks to the NAC and looking at myself along with feedback from others calculated that I would need to be around 15st 7/8 to be at a competitive weight around 95% of what I could be with the extra 5% to come off for Nabba North West and Britain May 21st and 28th respectively. So 9lbs in 24 days (with 4 days to play around with carbs and water etc to peak for the day)

I now decided to weigh myself every 3 days aiming to lose 1.5lbs for the first 3 days, and 2nd 3 days then exactly 1lb each 3 days after therefore 9lbs in 24. If I lost it I would stick if less make a change.

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