Part 5 Contest Prep Diet (Week 8 & 9)

I’d maintained weight for 2-3 days at this point so made the following changes:

Meal 1 (Protein: 50g | Carbs: 70g | Fats: 6g)

500g egg whites
95g oats
200g berries

Meal 2 (50g|60g|5g)

200g Turkey
350g baked potato green veg

Meal 3 and 4 (100g|145g|16g)

200g Chicken/haddock
90g Rice

Pre workout (25g|40g|0g)

TNT Micro 2 scoops
40g Glycofuse (instead of Maltodextrin)
15g EAA
10g Glutamine and CEE and HMB

Intra workout (25g|40g|0g)

15g EAA
40g Glycofuse
10g Glutamine

Post workout meal 5 (50g|0g|30g)

250g Salmon

Meal 6 (50g|0g|16g)

200g Steak
Green veg

Daily Totals

Protein     350g
Carbs        355g
Fats           73g
Calories    3,477Kcals

After 3 days I’d dropped 1.75 lbs, really happy with that, I continued for a further 3 days I then dropped 1.25lbs (3lbs in the 6 days) which was perfect and put me at 15st 12lbs. As I’d lost slightly less in the 2nd 3 days I decided to alter it slightly. By dropping the salmon in meal 5 and having steak and in meal 6 swapping beef steak for turkey steak

New Daily Totals 

Protein      350g
Carbs         355g
Fats            47g
Calories     3,243Kcals

This dropped me a further 1lb and leaving me at 15st 11 1/4

Diet week 9

I dropped the carbs in my rice to 80g per meal and the Gycofuse to 25g pre and intra reducing my totals to

Protein      350g
Carbs         310g
Fats            47g
Calories     3,060Kcals

This put me at 15st 9.5 after 3 days and a further 3 days at this and i was 15st 8 at 9 days out

I planned my final weigh in 5 days out on the Tuesday after the final 4 days cutting the pre and intra carbs completely resulting in

Protein     350g
Carbs        260g
Fats           47g
Calories    2,860Kcals

My final weigh-in before re introducing my carbs put me at 15st 7 ¼ on Tuesday 3rd May 5 days out from the first show of 2016.

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