Part 6 Contest Prep Diet (Final week – carb manipulation)

First Day Carb manipulation

The first thing I will say about this is that I’m not into the concept of massively depleting carbs then loading, neither do I cut or change my sodium intake or load on water, by this stage of the diet I’m pretty depleted as you need to be to drop bodyfat, my body has also stabilised with my water intake and sodium intake and every morning I wake up pretty dry and tight. My aim is to fill up with only minor alterations aiming to fill the muscle belly out without spilling over and becoming smooth. My fats are low so there is really no need to adjust them, my carbs (260g) and protein (350g) total is 610g or 2440kcals and they were actually 660g three days prior which was still causing me to lose weight, so I guess in a way I did a mini deplete, down 50g carbs for the final 4 days of the diet and I really did notice this flatten me and reduce the effectiveness of my workout.

Based on this I will return on Tuesday to a 660g (2640kcal) total but will switch the ratio to 220g Protein and 440g Carbs, less protein is required as I’m not breaking down muscle with intense weight training I’m simply training to get a nice pump and force the blood and glycogen into the muscles.

Meal 1 (Protein: 33g | Carbs 85g | Fats: 11g)

330ml egg whites
115g oats

Meal 2 (30g|80g|3g)

150g white fish
100g rice veg

Meal 3 (30g|80g|3g)

125g turkey
220g sweet potato
6 rice cakes

Meal 4 (30g|82g|4g)

125g chicken
400g baked potato

Intra workout (20g|40g|0g)

10g EAA
40g Glycofuse

Meal 5 (30g|80g|3g)

150g white fish
100g rice
Green veg

Meal 6 (30g|80g|5g)

150g chicken
100g rice

Meal 7 (42g|0g|14g)

180g fillet steak
Green veg

Daily Totals

Protein 250g
Carbs  527g
Fats    43g

As you can see I went a little over because my metabolism spiked and I was simply starving LOL 777g (3,108kcals) this resulted in a 2lb weight gain 15st 9½lbs Wednesday morning. To be honest this is why I start early because if I do spill I have time to back off without the need for harsh protocols and also if I don’t fill out, I can adjust up doing a 3 day deplete and mega load is too unpredictable for me especially being diabetic and leaves less time to adjust.

Day 2 Wednesday Filling up (4 days out)

Based on how I looked in the morning I will keep food roughly the same as yesterday.

After my first 4 meals I was really struggling to control my appetite, my metabolism had turbo charged and I was consuming extra rice cakes with each meal.

By Wednesday tea time I had started to hold water in areas I didn’t want to and had softened out despite still not feeling full or hard. I went to train with friend and mentor retired IFBB Pro John Hodgson who said I still had fat to drop (anything from 4-6lbs) to be truly in top level condition from the back but that it would be interesting to see how my look changed over the next few days and how I’d look in the morning having cut water for 8 hours or so. My show was Sunday but John was away with another client so we decided to hook up Saturday morning early so he could see me before breakfast or any fluid intake to get an accurate guide of how much fat needed to be shifted to Peak for the later finals. It would also give us a good indication of how I would look on the Sunday for the qualifier.

During the journey back I considered how to adapt my approach over the next 3 days based on what had happened in the previous to with the addition of more Carbs. I still needed to eat them to fill up but needed to be careful they went where I wanted them. I’d originally planned to take 1\2 of a new diuretic Thursday morning then again Thursday Evening with adaptions to be made Friday and Saturday based on how that affected my physique. I had my final Carb meal post workout 150g Turkey, 400g baked potato, veg and 1 apple and then for the last two meals switched to protein and fats; steak and 2 eggs the turkey and green veg and took 1\2 diuretic 8 hours earlier than planned (before bed instead of upon waking)

Thursday morning (3 days out)

15st 8¾ lbs.

A little down from yesterday but actually looking fuller, harder and drier, this told me to go back to roughly my carb intake prior to the last two drops – still in what would normally be a slight calorie deficit but not elevated enough to make me start to retain fluid so 360g with protein back at 350g, the natural drop in activity (30mins and cardio down from 45 less weights due to trying to fill out rather than deplete glycogen stores and only posing in the evening no cardio at all).

I continued with 1\2 diuretic morning and evening as the effect seemed mild but positive.

Friday Morning 2 days out

15st 5.5 lbs!!

Actually quite full but really looking dry, a huge improvement from previous days. I was more than happy but realised the dramatic shift needed to be kept a close eye on so I took 1\2 diuretic at tea time rather than am and pm and I put an extra carb meal in from yesterday taking me up to 420g and by Friday evening my final upper body pump session. (I use these sessions to force glycogen into the muscle and better judge what’s going on with my physique)

Friday Evening I was 15st 6½lbs after all that food, but looking even fuller and just as dry (if not drier than the morning). After consuming the last of my carbs around 7pm. I had turkey and veg with 30g peanut butter before bed (10pm) just to keep me full without taking on more carbs allowing me to dry out a little before weighing in and seeing John on Saturday Morning following 6 hours in bed (3 asleep a good night) and about 8 hours with no food and a few sips of water only.

Saturday The acid Test (1 day out)

15st 1 ¾ or 96.3kg

So after seeing John (Mr Condition) Hodgson the feedback was, yeah I was where I needed to be 2 weeks from the NABBA North West. 5-6lbs of bodyfat mainly from the hamstrings, glutes and upper back, bare in mind John is extreme – my condition is very good – 95%. Quads, Triceps and Christmas tree all striated, glutes squared off but to show the real deep condition from the back that wins the biggest shows I know I need to dial it in that last bit.

For now though, its about filling up a little whilst staying nice and dry for show day, so I’ve continued with the same carbs as yesterday, same water and half a duiretic. Weight in the evening was 98kg (up from 96.4kg this morning) so I will have 1 additional carb meal at midnight, 200g Steak, 500g sweet potato chips after cutting water at this point too (Ill be on stage around 6-7pm so water will be restricted for a good 18hours). If I wake up a bit flat I’ll check my weight and possibly re-introduce a little water and continue putting carbs in every 2.5 hours; 60-80g depending how I look mainly from oats, rice cakes and baked potato.

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