Post NAC diet for NABBA North West


CHEAT MEALS. Let’s be honest, I deserved a bit of a treat. I was so thirsty driving home that all I could think about was a milkshake so I went McDonalds on the M6. Banana. WOW! And when in Rome… so I had a burger too, then off to the Italian for Lasagne, Garlic Bread and I shared a few spoons of ice-cream with my little girl, nothing too crazy.

98.7Kg upon waking Monday morning

100.4Kg on Tuesday morning. This will have been due to the water rebound and the diuretics I used clearing my system, my diet was as follows from Monday morning:

50 minutes cardio Bike/Crosstrainer/Stepper

Meal 1 6am (Protein: 50g | Carbs: 2g | Fats: 15g)

350ml egg whites
3 whole eggs
mushrooms and spinach

Meal 2 9am (50g|55g|4g)

200g Turkey fillet
70g Rice
6 x brcolli
6 x Asparagus
10 trimmed green beans

Meal 3 12pm (50g|55g|6g)

200g Chicken
250g sweet potato
Green veg

Meal 4 3pm (50g|42g|14g)

200g Steak
250g Jacket potato

Meal 5 6pm (50g|55g|3g)

220g Smoked Cod/Haddock
70g basmati rice
Green Veg (as before)

Pre – workout (25g|0g|0g)

2x Micro TNT
3x CEE
10g EAA
5g glutamine

Meal 5 (post workout meal) 9pm (50g|55g|7g)

200g Chicken
70g Rice
Green Veg as before

45mins cardio 9-9:45pm Fast Walk

Meal 6 12am (50g|0g|4g)

225g Turkey Fillet
Green veg

Daily Totals

Protein    330g
Carbs       262g
Fats          55g
Calories   2,863Kcals

With only 9 days left to really dial in my condition before I ‘carbed’ up a little and dried out, I would now train every day on a push/pull/leg split ensuring my final leg session was the Sunday 15th (6 days prior to show) just to let any water and post training swelling settle. This session was also around 75% intensity, a good 90 minutes but nothing to failure, just a few different angles, good pump and a few things that focused on the squeeze/contraction to bring out that final bit extra detail.

By Thursday my weight was back at 99.1Kg

At this point I decided to make one final change in attempt to drop any remaining bodyfat that I could, I was already pretty maxed out with cardio and fat burners having re-introduced a few things after the NAC show (see contest supplement and PED blog).

Now I decide to train slightly earlier in the day meaning I could take out 1 more carb meal, so I took out 1 rice meal trained after meal 4 and then had 2 carb free meals with loads of veg in the evening giving me a final total Friday-Monday of:

New Daily Totals

Protein     330g
Carbs        210g
Fats           55g
Calories    2,655Kcals

Tuesday morning I was at a all time low (other than when drying out) of 96.9kg or 15st 3 1/4.

Time to fill out and dry up now – which means extra carbs and moduiretic.

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