Fill out and dry up

Day 1 Carb increase

The only things that will change are a slight drop in Protein, about 6g of Vitamin C, ½ a Modiuretic am and pm (but only pm on Day 1) and of course Carbs will be elevated water will remain 6-7 litres. I drink plenty but don’t force it down or restrict until the night before. Sodium from salt, peri peri sauce. Nandos will also be added to all meals as usual through the whole prep.

Meal 1

350ml egg whites
125g oats
150g Berries

Meal 2

150g Chicken
100g Rice
Green veg

Meal 3

150g Turkey
400g baked potato
1 apple

Meal 4

150g Chicken
100g Rice
Green veg

After meal 3 I tested my Blood sugar levels and it was 2.4, I felt fine but had the extra apple to try and pull it back up closer to 4.

This however didn’t work and just before meal 4, I was getting confused as my blood sugars had dropped (this will be due to increasing the insulin I use being diabetic too much in relation to the carb increase), at this point I was in a cold sweat and dis-orientated. I managed to boil the kettle throw some oats (roughly 100g) in there and get them in before I completely blacked out. I had a tablespoon of peanut butter too, 2 reasons for this, at this point I’m getting unreal sugar cravings (most diabetics eat chocolate) the peanut butter tastes sweet and gives me a similar sensation to stop the craving and the fats help slow the release of the carbs to ensure my sugar don’t rocket up!

Now you might be thinking thats pretty scientific considering your supposed to be confused and dis-orientated but this simply comes from experience and an instinctive auto-pilot response based on living with this for almost 10 years.

I woke up 45 minutes later, my clothes drenched in cold sweat so I got changed and after a few minutes actually felt great! I went off to work and continued my planned meals but using 10% less insulin.

Meal 5 (6 including additional oats)

200g fish
100g rice
green veg

Trained Chest and Biceps with Dan Smith at Saxon gym Cannock. To be on the safe side, I added 15g of glycofuse to my BCAA during training but used no insulin.

Post workout Meal 7

200ml egg whites
¾ scoop vanilla protein
120g oats

Meal 8

200g Turkey
100g oats
1 teaspoon peanut butter

Meal 9

150g Chicken
Green Veg

300g Protein            620g Carbs                            40g Fats

Wednesday Morning weight 96.6kg 15st 3. Lost 0.3kg

350g protein            640g Carbs                           32g Fats

Thursday morning weigh-in; 96.1kg (lost 0.5kg), looking extremely tight and dry this morning so I will continue eating 80g Carbs per meal and 8 meals, I’ll try to keep my Protein a little lower as my training intensity is around 70% but will consist of a full upper body pump minus shoulders and triceps which was my final session on Wednesday. I still did 60 minutes of cardio and posing in the morning to keep my metabolic rate ticking over, 15 mins walk to and from the gym, 15 mins on crosstrainer and posing.

Friday morning I was back up to 96.7kg as I started to fill out, I looked slightly less dry, so decided to drop carbs to 60g per meal, do 5 meals, then go the gym pump up my upper body for 30 mins; 3 sets inc bench; 3 sets t-bar row; 3 sets shoulder press; 3 sets cable row; 3 sets pec deck; 3 sets pulldown; 3 sets lat raise; 3 x preacher curls; 3 x rope pushdowns. Minimal rest. In fact I supersetted or tri-setted exercises and I was happy with the pump I got. Looking in the mirror and my posing video, I was looking fuller and harder than the morning, so obviously glycogen stores were up, sub cutaneous water was coming off with modiuretic, based on this I discussed with my supplier of the modiuretic and we decided to only take half at 6pm rather than a full tablet or half 6pm and 6am.

For the next 2 meals I put carbs back up to 80g and my final meal of the day was a 500g mix of sweet and baked potato chips, 150g turkey steak, 150g lean rib-eye steak and asparagus with chilli sauce.

I cut water at 9pm an hour after my second to last meal; I will now only sip water to swallow tablets and to make my oats with. The water from oats should keep enough water in my system so I don’t flatten.

If I feel like I’m flat I can add a drop of water to my meals or if I’m soft I’ll swap oats for rice cakes or potato – just minor alterations as I’ve made no crazy changes that would cause for all to go wrong.

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