Showtime – NABBA North West

Show Day Plan

I’m sat here, 7:45am, the morning of the show weight is back down to 97.6kg despite a meal at 2am and breakfast at 5:30am, which was 350ml egg whites, salt n chilli spices and 75g oats with 4 rice cakes.

I have 2 x 350g baked potato chips, 4 x 150g turkey steak and 2 x 250g sweet potato mash (which I’ll probably add vitargo to this), I’ll also have rice and corn cakes if required – basically I will go with how I feel. My last meal will most likely be sweet potato mash and vitargo as it’s so easy to digest its like a sweet paste therefore no stomach bloat (no protein as that slows the sugar spike), generally I have this 2.5 hours before going on stage. Whilst pumping up I use vitargo and a pre-workout with a shot of insulin 50-60 mins before stage, and then I sip drink over next 20-30 mins whilst pumping up.

The Result

Well it was a long day after registering about 1:30pm, the show started around 2:30pm and I got on stage around 7pm, I was feeling nice and dry so ate 2 meals first with 150g turkey, 350g baked potato and 2 rice 2 corn cakes roughly every 2.5 hours. My final meal was 4pm when I had 250g sweet potato mash with 50g glycofuse stirred in, this equates to around 100g of carbs but so much easier to digest than a whole food meal of 100g. I literally had no bloat, my stomach was a flat as it is in the morning. I had the odd sip on water to help flush the carbs round and avoid dangerous dehydration. Back stage I had 2 scoops of TNT Micro 5g beta alanine and 2 scoops (50g) glycofuse with 250ml water, with 10 minutes of pumping up I was full and vascular whilst still being tight and dry. My client and friend Jake Shannon commented that he could literally see me growing as we pumped up back stage, we topped up on tan and added some glaze which really put the finishing touch to the look. Unlike others with instant tans, using cakes, chocolate and alcohol to pump up I was dry, full and not sweating a drop. I’ve probably got it right 3-4 times in this (the 40th show I’ve done) but I’ve got it right the last 2 times as I’ve done nothing silly just kept it simple.

My moto is if you don’t do it through a prep why would you all of a sudden do it on the day? Alcohol for example, you don’t drink for 3 months if at all and then all of a sudden think it has some special effect??? Sweets, cakes, flapjacks chocolate? We don’t eat it prepping, so why now!? For sugar? Well, foods contain fats and proteins, especially chocolate and flap jacks which slow sugar down and it’s solid food that needs digesting so all its going to do is sit in your stomach (not a good look). Also without water the carbs have no transport round the body. Now a pre workout, we all use every session, many of us use intra workout or pre workout simple sugars (pure sugar) and it works great so I just do that.

Back stage I was getting looked at a lot, the guys in the shorter classes were making no secret of it and being very complimentary, I felt good, some even asked for pictures. When we stepped on stage I felt like I was in the best condition in my class and I’ve always been complimented on my shape and aesthetics – these are my strengths so I play to that! I will never be the biggest in Class 1, so I don’t even think about it, once I’ve got into condition I try to come in full with a good pump in my chest shoulders and arms to create a nice illusion.

After the quarter turns it was time for the routines, something I always try to work on despite that it’s not really judged, I like to enjoy my time on stage, I’ve worked so hard for it so like to put on a show.

I was called out first centre stage, which is never a bad thing, and as we hit the poses I felt good and could hear a lot of support in the audience (with positive comments being shouted out). There were no further call outs and we were then let off stage for the results of Class 4, 3, 2 and then finally us, Class 1. My good friend Patty Ryan won Class 3 and newbie Dan Higham, who I had also been in regular contact with winning Class 2, we’d spoke about the idea the 3 of us were in the overall and now it was my turn… and thankfully I was. We went straight back on for the overall and after two comparisons the decision had been made and the winner is………….. Kelvin Hinde!!!!!

I can’t tell you how good it felt, I slammed my fists down on the stage turn to Patty squeezed him so hard I nearly popped his head off lol, he and the other two guys were very gracious in defeat (although we were all winners) and seemed genuinely pleased for me.

I had doubted if I was going to do the British but with all the positive feedback it was game on, 3 scoops of Vanilla NRG Whey, 100g almond nut butter and a drop of milk stirred into a paste with a small flapjack on route home, where I had home-made chicken fajitas – nothing crazy but satisfied my appetite and taste buds but damage limitation 7 days to glory (I hope).


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