A True Reflection

A True Reflection

Supplements, non-food aids and performance enhancing drugs

What follows is a detailed, honest and full protocol of any non-food products (supplements) I used during my contest prep to aid both my performance, recovery and appearance. I do not advocate the usage of any performance enhancing drugs or controlled (prescription) substances, I do however advocate the use of herbal supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, BCAA, glutamine etc.

Supplements and Non-Food aids

The first thing I will say is none of the following products are substitutes for a healthy balanced diet high in fruit, veg, fish (essential fats), red meat (iron).


Multi-vitamins: To me, this is the basic supplement for any athlete, it ticks all the boxes in terms of minimum dosages for all the bodies requirements, it’s a great base to work from. I had 2 a day; one with breakfast and one with my evening meal, again the more active you are the higher your requirement for food and nutrients.

Vitamin C: A lot of people use this to help with natural dehydration in the final week but I use 3000mg daily off and on season, it’s a great immune system booster when your body is under such intense stress of training.

Vitamin D3: The sunshine vitamin – something we don’t get much in England and other great immune system booster this was taken at one a day throughout the prep.

Cod Liver oil: Some people will argue the relevance and worth of these but not me, even though I eat salmon regularly I take 4-6g of cod liver oil per day. My joints can tell the difference when I don’t, I only drop this for 3 days when I carb up and only train light.

CLA: A Product I’ve always use helps regulate hormone production and aid fat breakdown

Milk Thistle: Taken every evening to help protect my liver, which at this point is under a lot of stress from orals, I take all my orals before 7pm and take milk thistle before bed to help boost recovery.

Digestive Enzymes: The amount of food we eat puts a lot of stress on the digestive system so I use these if I’m feeling bloated or gassy, as and when necessary, I also use them in the final 3-5 days when I increase carbohydrates to fill the muscle with glycogen because again, it’s a lot for you digestive system to deal with.

BCAA and Glutamine: NRG do a brilliant product; 5g glutamine and 5g BCAA with a 2:1:1 ratio I’ve used this product for years and swear by it. 1 scoop following cardio, 1 scoop pre workout and 2 scoops intra workout, throughout prep

Whey Protein: Due to hunger I don’t include shakes as part of my normal meal plan as I get to hungry, although occasionally I will have 1 scoop with 250ml egg whites if I’m short of time.

Glycofuse: An advanced form of carbohydrates that enters the blood stream rapidly its fantastic pre and intra workout and I used it up to about 3 weeks before the North West with BCAA. I also use it to help carb up I stir 1 scoop into 250g of sweet potato, this doubles the carbs but not the volume of food meaning I can cram a lot of carbs in without bloating.

Fat Burners


  • Thyroxin (T3)
  • Clenbuterol
  • Off the counter Thermogenics
  • Yohimbe

Oestrogen Maintenance


  • Tamoxifen
  • Arimidex
  • Letrozole

Oral Steroids

  • Anavar
  • Winsterol
  • Primobolan
  • Halotestin
  • Proviron

Injectable Steroids


  • Testosterone Blends
  • Andro 400
  • Equipoise
  • Nandrolone
  • Lean gain / RIP blend
  • Masteron
  • Trenbolone
  • Primobolan

Growth Hormone and Peptides

  • Europharma and 36 IU Lilly pens were used

I experimented with some peptides prior to my diet and continued to Use IGF LR3 for a few weeks into prep, directly into the muscle I trained… after training.
Water tablets (diuretics)

  • Aldactone
  • Lasix
  • Moduiretic

PED’s – what, when how and why

As with the food side of things I like to be in a state of equilibrium, therefore I’m always on gear for 4-6 weeks before I start my diet for the show

Pre Diet cycle

Andro 400mg (test e 200/tren e 100/drostolone e 100) 0.75ml 4 days a week
Deca 300mg (Nandrolone Deconate) 0.75ml 4 days a week
Total: 3ml Andro 1200mg 3ml Deca 900mg Total: 2100mg

Over the years I’ve realised two things; this is the maximum amount I can use and still feel good with positive effects, any more and I feel tired, lose appetite and get flu like symptoms. The 2nd thing I’ve observed is I used to inject less frequently usually half on a Monday and half on a Thursday that would equate to 1.5ml of each twice a week. When I did this I still felt lethargic after a few weeks and either needed to lower the dose or come off, I’ve since found that injecting less more often was much better and I could continue at this dose without any issue.

I was also using 1mg of Arimidex EOD and 3iu GH (europharma morning, pre training and pre bed)

I ran this for 4 weeks prior to starting my diet and then for the first 2 weeks of the 12 week diet

Diet weeks 1-2

I continued the above cycle but added

  • 25mcg T3 in the morning Pre-cardio
  • 2 capsules Thermo fuel Pre-cardio

Diet weeks 3-4

Sust 250mg 5 days per week
Boldenone 200mg (EQ) 0.8ml 5 days per week
Total: 4ml Sust 1000mg, 4ml EQ 800mg   Total: 2100mg

I seemed to develop the beginnings of gyno, at this point during my holiday but I only had a few Arimidex with me.

I increased the thermo fuel to 2 capsules twice a day, the GH was the same at 9iu per day split in 3.

Diet weeks 5-6

Same steroids.

I added in Letrozole for 10 days to clear up a lump that had started to develop (which it did) I then returned back to Armidex, but 1mg Every day.

  • 25mg of Proviron per day was added
  • 40-60mcg Clenbuterol per day 7 days on 7 days off

Diet weeks 7-10

This is where I switch compounds and esters. At 6 weeks out its time to swap over to compounds with no oestrogen side effects and nothing that can potentially hold water. Compounds include Trenbolone, Drostolone (masteron), Winsterol, Anavar and Primobolan.

Winsterol and Anavar will be in tablet form so have no ester. Primo – I had tablet and injectable form. When it comes to these injectable compounds it really doesn’t matter what ester we use, Tren acetate or enanthate will have the same effect once its released into the system, the reason I mention this is because people often say they are switching to fast acting, but the only fast acting compound you need to use is testosterone propionate, that way you can take it out of the cycle 5-10 days before a show as testosterone will hold some water even at a low dose, which if your lean enough will be noticeable. As I was using a blend I chose a fast acting blend of 60mg test prop, 60mg drostolone prop and 60mg tren ace.

Lean gain/ RIP Blend 1ml 5 days per week (300 Test, 300 Tren, 300 Mast) 180mg x 5 (900mg)
RIP tablets (20mg Anavar, 20mg Winsterol,10mg Primo per tab (3 tabs per day/14 per week)) 100mg x 7 (700mg)
Total: 1600mg

You will notice that the amount of gear being used has slowly dropped over the weeks. Basically I’m only trying to maintain muscle now, there is no chance of increasing lean tissue in a calorie deficit.

  • Lilly 36 iu Pen Gh 1iu morning 1iu pre workout 2iu pre bed 4Iu per day
  • Increased T3 50mcg split into a morning and afternoon dose
  • Clen is still 7 on 7 off, but I’m using 60-80mcg as my tolerance has increased even with the cycling, I cycle with NRG super thermo fuel 2 capsules 2-3 times per day when I’m off the Clen.
  • Arimidex 1mg everyday
  • Proviron 50mg – half in morning, half in afternoon.

Diet week 11

10 days out, GH was dropped along with the RIP Blend injectable and Orals.

Finaplex (tren ace)  1/2ml Everyday 350mg
Masteron 1/2ml everyday 350mg
Winsterol 75mg everyday 535mg
Halo15mg daily 105mg
Total: 1340mg

No Proviron due to Masteron having similar effect

  • 2 x 25mcg t3
  • Clen stops 7 days out
  • Letrozole was put in instead of Arimidex, 2.5mg everyday

Week 12 Final week

Finaplex 1/2ml x 5 250mg
Masteron 1/2ml x 5 (stop 2 days out) 250mg
Winsterol 100mg a day 700mg
Halo 25mg a day 175mg
Anapolan 4 days out 50mg 200mg
Total: 1575mg
  • Letrozole 2.5mg daily
  • Tamoxifen  20mg daily
  • T3 reduced to 25mcg 4 days out

Some controversial changes here maybe, Letrozole, well basically I felt I was holding a little in the glutes and hamstrings and as these are known to be oestrogen storage areas I switched up from arimidex and I did lose from this area, this may have been a coincidence as I was still losing weight and really was only holding in that area.

Tamoxifen was added, this could be classed as overkill with the Letrozole but Arimidex and Letrozole are Aromosin Inhibitors, where as Tamoxifen is an oestrogen blocker so any free flowing oestrogen left in the system cannot affect us.

Winsterol and Halo were increased to promote a harder drier look and Anapolan was added 4 days out for its increase in red blood cell production – giving a much fuller look once we have carbed up. This was something I’d never done before but it allowed me to be really fully and get a great pump back stage.

The final thing that was added during the final week was a mild potassium sparing diuretic, Aldactone or a new product I sampled, called moduiretic both can work well to take the edge off the water retention that can happen when increasing the carbs. 125.5mg Aldactone 3 days out, morning and night, then 12.5-25mg morning and night 2 days out and 12.5-25mg 1 day out, finally nothing on the day. With the moduiretic it was half a tab Wednesday and Thursday, am and pm and ½-full tab 1 day out, depending how I looked.

Lasix were mentioned before 20-40mg, these are extreme and will pull you in within 4 hours but you will flatten out and should only be used if something has gone truly wrong, and if you do use, extreme caution is required and you must keep and electrolyte drink nearby in case you start to feel unwell.

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