Fill out and dry up

Day 1 Carb increase The only things that will change are a slight drop in Protein, about 6g of Vitamin C, ½ a Modiuretic am and pm (but only pm on Day 1) and of course Carbs will be elevated water will remain 6-7 litres. I drink plenty but don’t...

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Stubborn calves?

I’d kind of given up on mine 17.25” never moved for years so I did a few sets at the end of leg day reasonably hard n heavy but with no real conviction. In fact I noticed they were down at 17” 6 months ago! So I decided stubborn calves...

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Weight, Body-fat and muscle

I feel this time of year after the Christmas binge is a good time to address the critical issue which is weight loss. From my personal experience I’m noticing a growing trend in what we call in the fitness industry “skinny-fat”. Your first...

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