Fat Loss

Many of us feel we’d like to lose weight to look and feel better many people misunderstand the best way to achieve this. The first thing I say to people is its about fat loss not overall weight loss, you can lose weight by simply not eating but you will lose muscle, energy and slow your metabolism. At the start of each Fat loss package I will take your weight body-fat and key measurements so we can chart your true progress across your journey. An initial session will include a training and nutrition consultation so that I can best prescribe the cause of action. You will learn how and what to eat and how to train to not only change your body but change your outlook and maintain the results we achieve.


Muscle building

These days the buff look is in “strong is the new skinny” Many of us are men and woman alike are looking to improve our muscle tone and size to help us look and feel better, with this package you will learn how to train and eat to help you build muscle without gaining fat


Strength and Sport Specific

For those of us that play a sport or just want to be strong, a program will be designed for you to help you improve sporting performance by increasing strength and function. Any contact sport could benefit but especially Boxers, MMA and rugby would hugely benefit from strength gains and if a weight restriction is in place a proper diet can get you lighter and stronger.


Bodybuilding Contest Prep

With over 10 years competing myself and 5 years experience getting others ready for shows both men and women if you want to look your best on stage look no further.